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Orbital Gallery is the Art Space of Isabel Skinner

and visiting artists.

Isabel Skinner's work is digital, primarily concerned with the potential of 3D modelling and animation.

Breton's Locomotive

A search for Breton’s Locomotive

André Breton wrote in L’Amour Fou,

“I am sorry not to be able to reproduce, among the illustrations to this text, a photograph of a very handsome locomotive after it had been abandoned for many years to the delirium of a virgin forest.”

Digital Drapery

The material and the immaterial

Drapery’s ability to delineate bodies has a persistent allure in art; a deceptively simple real world item with quite complex internal and environmental interactions make the sculpture of digital cloth compelling.

Draped fabric evokes feelings of both intimacy and absence; it moves forms away from physical certainty.

Installed at The Herbert Read Gallery, June 2014

Boetti’s Lampada Annuale - OrbitalGallery

Homage to Boetti

A recreation of

Alighiero Boetti’s Lampada Annuale (Yearly Lamp) 2018

Wood, metal, glass, 300W lightbulb, electro-mechanical device. 76 x 37 x 37 cm

'A realisation not of the event itself but the idea of the event'

Boetti’s Lampada Annuale comprises of an oversized lightbulb surrounded by reflective metal and encased in a dark blue wooden box, the top sealed with a pane of glass. The electro-mechanical switch mechanism hidden within the box is set to illuminate the bulb randomly each year for a duration of only eleven seconds. Once the viewer is made aware of the unlikely and unpredictable potential for this object to suddenly illuminate in their presence, it bestows an almost mystical aura and sense of fragile possibility to the work.

The Italian conceptual artist Alighiero Boetti (1940 – 1994) believed that his work could be authored by different people ‘to give it different character'. The first Lampada Annuale was constructed in 1966, Boetti made three further boxes in 1967. My recreation was completed in December 2018.

Installed at The Fish Slab Gallery, Whitstable, January 2018


servo robot - iz skinner

Art and Doctor Who

Recreating lost footage from episodes of 1960s Doctor Who

The Wheel in Space: re-constructing lost Doctor Who for Britbox 2017

Animation of the Servo Robot from The Wheel in Space

The mini-episode premiered at Missing believed Wiped at The BFI Southbank on 15th December 2018.