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Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen 

If Hammer Films had made the trailer for Doctor Who : The Abominable Snowmen…it might have been like this.

The Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton and ten years earlier, Peter Cushing (who also played The Doctor in the 1965 and 1966 films) found themselves up against the Yeti.

Doctor Who The Abominable Snowmen

The Abominable Snowmen

BBC Blu-ray release [2022]

Frames from the newly animated sections of the photographic (telesnap) reconstructions.

The Wheel in Space (ALIEN styleTrailer)

In the 1960s Ridley Scott worked as a set designer and then director for BBC Television. If he had been asked to create a trailer for The Wheel in Space, it might have been like this...

Only two of the six episodes of The Wheel in Space exist in the BBC archive, the other four episodes were lost. All the footage in this trailer was recreated using continuity stills from the missing episodes.

2001 A Who Odyssey

The Doctor Who adventure The Wheel in Space aired in April 1968, the same month that Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey was released. Two great space epics both with wheel shaped space stations, menacing artificial intelligences, really cool space suits, life forms in bubbly eggs...and could the Monolith have been a TARDIS? It was fun to imagine

Doctor Who - The Web of Fear Trailer

In 1968 a specially recorded trailer for The Web of Fear was transmitted. Only the audio remains.

The full version of the audio for the trailer is available on the BBC CD, The Enemy of the World.

TARDIS Encounter

(my favourite scene)

The Wheel in Space Episode 1:

'The Servo now stands examining the Telephone Box'