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She Dreamt of Earth at Orbital Gallery

She Dreamt of Earth but not this Earth

The life-size diorama She dreamt of Earth but not this Earth exists within an installation capsule. Shadows project out across the gallery floor as the astronaut floats above the murky water of her eerily beautiful abandoned space.

Her flooded dystopian environment forms a ghostly juxtaposition of the dilapidated building against the ultramodern ship.

The artist makes the visitor feel aware of the space she is in, like witnessing a very intimate piece of someone else's dream.

The Big West: Sea & Land Scapes from the Pacific North West  Mrs Koetsier & Mr Fox


Big West Performance : Sea & Land Scapes from the Pacific North West

Mrs Koetsier & Mr Fox - Until April 2020

The exhibition is a transatlantic collaboration centred on the size, the power and the beauty of the Pacific North West Coast of the USA.


Mrs Koetsier trained in Virginia and Canterbury and currently lives just outside Portland, Oregon where she explores new identities as mother, wife and artist. A fuller range of her practice can be seen at Sevencrowsphotography.wordpress.com


Mr Fox, trained in New York, Manchester and Canterbury and now works and undertakes research as a narrative artist in Kent. He also works as a writer and sound artist. Please visit mrfox.site to view his work, he is a founder member of the Red Six Collective, exhibiting at the Brewery Tap in Folkestone from July 22nd 2019.


Koetsier and Fox join together for this exhibition at the beautiful Orbital Gallery to celebrate common interests in line, colour and narrative and in wonder at this beautiful area of the world. Both artists can  be contacted via their websites.

Mr Fox:Narrative Artist

Alighiero Boetti's Annual Lamp Orbital Gallery

Curator’s Choice November 2018 - January 2019 - Alighiero Boetti’s Lampada annuale (Annual Lamp)

'An expression not of the event itself, but of the idea of the event'

Boetti’s work comprises of an oversized 300 watt lightbulb surrounded by reflective metal, encased in a dark blue wooden box, sealed with a pane of glass.

Although minimalist in form, the Annual Lamp asserts itself in the Curved Gallery space as a monolithic presence. The complex clockwork timing mechanism hidden within the midnight blue box is set to illuminate the bulb randomly each year, for a duration of only eleven seconds. Once the viewer is made aware of this, the expectation for the unlikely and unpredictable potential for this object to suddenly illuminate in their proximity bestows an almost mystical aura and sense of fragile possibility to the work. View Boetti’s work with longing and an optimistic sense of expectation.


Now showing Planetside at The Fishslab Gallery, Whitstable, Kent from 23rd January to 29th January 2019

Whalebone Box at Orbital Gallery
Les Mecs des Étoiles - MR FOX

Les Mecs des Étoiles  - MR FOX 2018

Diana Harrison - Excavation 2018

Between two worlds - Rebecca Wood

Between Two Worlds

The exhibition is also showing planetside, from the 29th August 2014 at the Herbert Read Gallery, UCA, New Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent.

illusion of the real

 Illusion of the Real  - A solo show of digital imagery by Rebecca Wood MA (Fine Art) 2013